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7. Which modules did you use for the course listed above? (Select all that apply)
  Connections: Communication
Connections: Patient-centered Decision Making
Connections: Roles and Relationships
Comfort: Comfort Goals
Comfort: Pain Mechanisms
Comfort: Pain Assessment
Comfort: Pain Management
Comfort: Symptoms Other Than Pain
Ethics: Healthcare Decision Making
Ethics: DNR Decisions
Ethics: Forgoing Medical Therapy
Ethics: The Nurse's Role
Ethics: Children: Legal & Ethical Issues
Well-Being: Psychosocial Care
Well-Being: Suffering
Well-Being: Quality of Life
Well-Being: Hope
Well-Being: Spirituality
Well-Being: Complementary & Alternative Therapies
Grief: Sociocultural Aspects
Grief: Theoretical Perspectives
Grief: Anticipatory Grief
Grief: Therapeutic Interventions
Impact: Epidemiology
Impact: Economics
Impact: Service & Delivery Systems
Impact: Resource Utilization
8. Which module elements of TNEEL-NE did you use for the course listed above? (Select all that apply)
  Student objectives
Instruction Material-Content
Instruction Material-Lecture Slides
Case Studies
Learning Activities
Media List